How Email Marketing Could Help You Win the Game of Thrones

Every day I receive about 30–50 newsletters from IT companies, startups, bloggers and social media influencers. And here is what I noticed: lots of young and well-known brands make similar mistakes which seem to be too obvious. Creating emails myself, I know how hard it may be to reach your audience. But we should never forget that everything we do about email marketing is to make our users at least not angry or disappointed. So here are a few tips I find important to remember.

inbox blueprint 2.0 reviews

Senders’ names are erased on screenshots because now it doesn’t matter who failed but why.

Don’t wait until it’s too late


I received a letter because I upvoted some project on Product Hunt about 3 months ago.images-2

The email itself looks nice and it’s short, no useless info detected. But I’m asked about a project upvoted more than 3 months ago. This letter should be sent the day I upvoted it or at least the next day. While emailing 3 months later has no sense, as I’ve forgotten about that product for good.

2. Don’t hesitate to remind who you are

While Google or Buffer shouldn’t introduce themselves as we already know them good enough, new startups and recently released projects are not that popular. When I receive email from some new app I don’t even remember why I signed up and when. The letter below was sent not after I joined waiting list but a few days later.

It would be so much easier if they added a link to a landing page or described who they are.inbox-blueprint-2-0

3. Don’t make it hard

Here is a good rule: one message for one letter. Keep it clear and focus on a thing that really matters. If you have lots of updates it’s better to use the main news for your email and describe everything less important in a blog or your social media channels. Otherwise, you can make it too hard to understand. Below is a good example of how to stay clear. It’s short, it includes just one link you should click, it tells you right away what you’re about to read.

Inbox Blueprint

4. Please, don’t lie

You get an urgent notice that your account will be closed and all your data will be lost, and everything will fall apart. You ignore this letter just because you don’t give a damn about this account, and you like ‘Ugh, finally! They will delete my account and I won’t get new messages from them’. And in a week or so you receive another reminder about closing your account, and then one more. And if you still ignore these important messages, they may send you new emails with new offers. Please, don’t do that.

5. Don’t hide unsubscribe option

This one irritates me the most! I want to unsubscribe from your newsletters and I need to do that right from your email. The unsubscribe button should be there and should work with just one click. I don’t want to edit my preferences, I don’t want to confirm my decision. If ‘Unsubscribe’ button is not there or it’s hidden (see a screenshot below), I’m getting angry and so are your subscribers. And frankly, it’s just pathetical.

If you have good examples of bad emails, please share it in comments.