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SMC Comtrade Limited, a key constituent of SMC Group of Companies, came into existence at the very start of Commodity Exchanges in India. Also, choose highly liquid shares and trade in a small number of shares at a time, if you are not a seasoned trader. “The aspiration of a strong commodity market is based on the fact that commodities-related industries constitute about 58% of the country’s GDP,” says Jignesh Shah, managing director, MCX, a Mumbai-based independent commodity exchange.

In order to short the market and carry forward the position, they will have to trade in the futures market. The manager has a sensible approach to portfolio construction, allocating more capital to markets with a higher risk-adjusted expected return. Selection of the exchange – First of all you will need to select the stock exchange in which you want to trade.

By using this ratio, one can cover his basis risk, which is the difference between the spot price and futures price. A simple example would be a baker who is concerned with a price increase in wheat, could hedge his risk by buying a futures contract in wheat. The crude oil trade is getting bigger every day and the future trading is one of the best deals available.

The price of commodity we see in market is for this Base Value only. Instead, a futures trader has to post a margin, usually between 2 and 10 percent of the contract price. For those who may not know who he is, he basically created an educational package that teaches the basics of how to trade futures using price charts as your guide.

The Real Time Data feed software will help to plot stock charts in real time during market hours. Additionally, online trading in commodities will provide you a sense of self-determination. It is a place where buyers and sellers can negotiate upon a fixed price for the commodities.

Forex, unlike equity which is traded on a single platform like BSE, NSE; is traded electronically between banks with varying prices from bank to bank. At the same time, do not rely entirely on your broker, but make sure that you have an understanding of the market before you get into a trade.

CFD services are suitable for experienced traders only. Just remember that a good mix of stocks and commodities is considered a good portfolio by analysts especially when it comes to turning a profit. On the other hand, the commodity market trades in the primary economic sector rather than the sector dealing with finished or manufactured goods.

For example, Apple has released a new product (tablet, iPhone), which raises the value of its shares on the stock exchange. “In India’s commodities markets, lot sizes are low and any retail investor can participate by paying a margin of 4-10 per cent,” says Hoda of Religare Broking.

Below you will find some basic commodity trading strategies using technical analysis. Automatic Live BUY SELL SIGNAL SOFTWARE for Intraday Trading Technical Analysis System, get Most Unique, Advance, Accurate Auto Live Buy Sell Signals with Target and Stop Loss for Intraday & Positional (NSE, Nifty, MCX, Commodity, Currency NCDEX Market).

• Oil prices dip after OPEC-Russia output cut deal, focus swings to implementation. Having said that, understanding and analyzing time value of money is a good place to start for decision making while deciding to trade in options. An investor interested in options trading has mathematical concepts like Theta, Delta, Gamma, Vega, etc., available to assist in deciding the right time to buy and exercise an option.

Margin calls can and do happen when trading futures or granting naked options. An analysis of worldwide flow of capital, new materials, goods and information helps one in understanding financial markets in a better manner. Commodity trading is an investing strategy that involves buying and selling of commodities.

1. Intraday traders and day traders are always at the highest probability of risk. In other words, the amount in your margin account changes daily as the market fluctuates in relation to your futures contract. A trader keeps a keen watch on all intra-day transactions to see where the stock price is headed.

Commodity trading operates on the simple principle that Price is a function of Demand and Supply”. But for those who have no time to make one, there are many pre-set indicators made by other traders that can be used since these are included in the package. The history of Commodity futures markets in India dates back to 1875 when trading in cotton contracts began under the support of the Bombay Cotton Trade Association, considered to be India’s first organized futures market.