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Their is a hugh correction seen in the price of the mcx commodities as they looking bullish from the early state. We also have whole bucket of other services like online trading, depository, IPO, mutual funds, insurance broking, institution broking, margin funding, NRI services, clearing services, investment banking, PMS, wealth advisory and research to provide you extra edge over others.

Let us say spot price of a commodity is ₹ 100 and we are planning to take risk of 5% then there will be two cases, in first case say trader is having long trade then he will place a Stop Loss Order at ₹ 95 and in second case say trader is having short trade then he will place a Stop Loss Order at 105.

The gold price is also affected by documented mechanisms well different from the repression of an artificial price, resulting from fractional banking reserves, and short selling Naked in gold, and involve the market, particularly in London Bullion Association, the United States Federal Reserve System, and the banks HSBC and J. 31 32 33 34 gold market observers have noticed many years ago that the price of gold tends to fall artificially at the start of New York trading.

Also, this is the market where fraudulent traders can take off with the clients money, or have the client block funds in their bank account and nothing happens resulting in a waste of time and loss of little money, and worse case putting a bad taste in the clients thinking about this type of activity.

Eka’s Smart Commodity Management software platform, InSight CM®, captures, analyzes, and manages physical trading, procurement, logistics, bulk handling, processing, risk, and compliance across softs, grains, feeds, edible oils, oilseeds, livestock, and other agriculture-based businesses while providing real-time scenario and intelligence capabilities to optimize decision making.

Perhaps the most convenient way to trade gold is through spot trading where it is done through a trading platform provided by a Dubai Forex broker In this type of trading, gold is traded against the dollar currency and does not require the physical purchase or sale of the metal.

A CTA is an individual or organization that, for compensation or profit, advises others as to the value or advisability of buying or selling futures, options on futures, or swaps and provides advice based on knowledge of, or tailored to, a client’s particular commodity interest account, commodity interest trading activity, or other similar types of information.

It means that as an option nears its expiration day, its time-value (also known as extrinsic value) keeps reducing until the option is rendered useless after the date of expiration thereby inflicting a loss of potential returns for the option buyer with every passing day.

#6. To open commodity trading account, you need to provide Know Your Client form, PAN no., bank account no, and an agreement to set the terms and conditions shared in between exchange and registered commodity broker such as ICICIcomm trade (ICICIdirect), ISJ Com desk (ISJ Securities), Refco Sify Securities, SSKI (Sharekhan) or Sunidhi Consultancy etc.

Two-wheeler giant Hero MotoCorp may witness buying momentum after it on Wednesday in after-market hours reported that its net profit for Q2 FY 2016-17 rose by 27.7 per cent year-on-year to a record Rs 1,004.2 crore on highest ever sales volume.Volatility may remain high at the domestic bourses as traders roll over their positions amid the October Futures & Options (F&) contract expiry.